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Organisational design involves the integration of structure, processes and people to support the implementation of strategy and therefore goes beyond the traditional « org chart » tool. It includes the processes people follow, the management of individual performances and the development of employees’ skills.

There is a correlation between organisational structure and employees’engagement level. When the organisational design of a company matches its strategic intentions, everyone will be primed to execute and deliver them. The structure of a company and its processes will all support the most important outcomes and channel the organisation’s efforts to achieve them. Every organisational structure is unique and should be designed to serve the specific goals of your organisation.

Do you feel like your ideas don’t get translated into actions quickly enough ? Do you feel there are too many meetings, but not enough results ? Then your organisation may need a organisational redesign. Based on an extensive audit of your current strategy, work processes and existing functions, we can help you design a effective organisation.