We are on the threshold of a major evolution in big data and analytics. Today, the attention shifted to predictive analytics, as more and more companies embrace a long-term view in highly unpredictable markets.

We can help you develop an infrastructure and processes to enable this within HR. A highly developed ability to analyse past and present is a solid foundation for building a predictive capability.

Predictive analytics is frequently under the remit of Finance, but we think there is a limit to what Finance can do in respect of HR. HR is much better placed to provide deeper, richer and more meaningful analytics.

Based on that, we can help organizations align their structures (i.e. organisation & cost centre). We can help with Employee budgeting, payroll cost forecasting and strategic workforce planning.

Integration and data quality are key to releasing the potential of HR data. We can support you in the determination of an integration strategy and in the setting up of data validation processes. We can advise you on data security and access management.

Our guiding principles :
- Security

- Single source of truth with clear ownership and feedback loop

- Integration

- Data quality, including completion and timeliness

- Right data at the right place and right time

- Use of modern reporting tools with access control and usage monitoring

HR Intelligence is the counterpart of Financial Intelligence. We combine in-depth detail behind the financials with a unique HR insight. Are you considering stepping into evidence-based HR ? Let us support you on this journey.